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Glenview: 224-616-3181 | Chicago: 773-281-4600 1218 Waukegan Rd. | 2628 N Halsted St.

   If you live in Chicago or Glenview area and you own an iPad tablet that end up with cracked screen or even worst cracked screen and LCD from a drop, then what are your options? Well, you can try fixing it yourself but good luck with that. The next best thing is to take it to a reputable Glenview and Chicago iPad repair service center such as ComputerLand LLC.
   Here at ComputerLand we can turn any broken iPad into working iPad again. We have seen it all. Broken screen, audio not working and dead batteries: nothing can stop us.

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  Lifetime Warranry      - All iPads serviced by ComputerLand LLC come with a lifetime warranty, meaning if the device has no physical damage: cracked screens or liquid damge will be repaired by ComputerLand LLC at no charge for as long as you own it.
   Device that do have physical damage caused by the customer/other would be covered by our limited warranty, mening that labor on the repair is free and you only have to pay the retail cost of your replacement part. You can take advantage of our limited warranty one time only during first year after original service.


Glass Only Replacement

- iPad 2/3/4: $69

- iPad Air: $95

- iPad Mini: $99


Glass & LCD Replacement

- iPad 2/3/4: Call

- iPad Air: Call

- iPad Mini: Call


Watter Damage Repair

- iPad 2/3/4: $69 and Up

- iPad Air: $95 and Up

- iPad Mini: $99 and Up



- iPad 2/3/4: FREE

- iPad Air: FREE

- iPad Mini: FREE



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Glenview: 224-616-3181 | Chicago: 773-281-4600
1218 Waukegan Rd. | 2628 N Halsted St.