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At Chicago ComputerLand, we provide unbeatable value price workshop repair starting from $29.99!

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When you walk into or call Chicago ComputerLand store, you will not hear promises; you will find fact and honesty from our desktop and laptop support experts. We serve all of our customers with excellent customer service, a guarantee to thoroughly and properly fix your computer (desktop, laptop) or network the first time.

When you are using Chicago ComputerLand's in shop computer repair services you'll Pay By The Job - Not By The Hour!


As you may already know, when you are paying a computer repair service technician an hourly rate, the concern is that the technician will take an unnecessarily longer amount of time than necessary to complete their appointed task costing you more money. For this reason Chicago ComputerLand decided to be different than your typical hourly rate computer service company introducing Pay By The Job - Not By The Hour! concept for in shop computer repair services.


Chicago ComputerLand offers a FREE (with service only) evaluation of your computer (laptop or desktop). This detailed verbal report summarizes all issues or possible issues with your computer related problem, what is the proper course of action required for repair and Chicago ComputerLand itemized costs for these repairs. It no longer matters how many hours it may take to fix your computer (desktop or laptop) we remove all the guess work out of your computer service billing.

Same-day, next-day, after-hours and weekend services are available upon request.


Common Workshop Repair and Service

    COMPUTER (Laptop and Desktop) SUPPORT

  • Computer Check-Up
  • Repair and Reinstall Windows
  • Upgrade Windows

    Laptop and Desktop Security and Data Recovery

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Trojan and Popup Removal
  • Data Recovery / Data Backup

    Desktop Repair Service

  • Upgrade RAM Memory
  • Replace Power Supply
  • Replace Faulty Hard Disk Drive

    Laptop Repair Service

  • Replace Broken Screen
  • Repair Overheating Problems
  • Insurance Assessment

    Supporting Operating Systems

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

    Custom web design

  • Web site design
  • CMS design
  • Blog design
  • Forum design
  • E-commerce design
  • Logo and banner design
  • SEO

chicago computer repair
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All major credit card accepted.
chicago computer repair

Where do you find us?

2628 North Halsted Street
Chicago IL 60614

Office:  1-773-281-4600

Cell:     1-773-603-3246

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Mon - Fri:  9AM-7PM
          Sat:  9AM-5PM

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Our Glenview Location

1047 Waukegan Rd
Glenview IL 60025

Office:  1-224-616-3181

Cell:     1-224-432-0333

chicago computer repair

Mon - Fri:  10AM-6PM
          Sat:  10AM-5PM

        Click on map for directions!

Glenview Computer Repair

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